'Sun & Moon' Lapis, Amethyst and Blue Goldstone Bracelet

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Product Description

A stellar combination of blue lapis (8mm), deep purple amethyst (6mm) and blue goldstone (6mm) beads with silvertone beads with a sun on one side and moon and stars on the other on a wire wrap cuff.

Blue goldstone 'holds the stars' in your gaze as its flecks of copper resemble the deep night sky. It reflects unwanted energies, and it's a stone of ambition, confidence and motivation.

Amethyst can expand the higher mind and enhance one's creativity and passion. It helps put thoughts into action, and it helps with focus and success.

Lapis has been admired by mankind for centuries, with Egyptians using lapis in cosmetics, and it was thought that Michelangelo used powdered lapis in his Sistine Chapel frescoes. Not only is lapis a beautiful deep shade blue with mystical golden flecks, it is a good protection stone. It also empowers one's thoughts and is said to be a great manifestation stone to help make dreams come true!

*One size fits most. Purchase several bracelets & stack to enjoy all of their beautiful energies! Each of our bracelets are artisan crafted with love using genuine gemstones & crystals. And each piece will be charged with loving energy in the soothing vibrations of our brass singing bowl prior to shipping to help ensure your new crystal friends will be ready to bring their energies to you.

'Sun & Moon' Lapis, Amethyst and Blue Goldstone Bracelet

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